Nails 2015
Full name Nathalie Jokull
Alias Nails, Tundra Tyrant, Kitty
Gender Female
Age Looks around mid 20s
Species Tiger (White)
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
Element Ice
Occupation Nega's Avatar
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Height: 3'7

Build: Hourglass

Main color: White

Markings: Chocolate colored stripes running thoughout her body, light blue higlights in her hair

Skin color: Cool grey

Eye style and color: Almond shaped with light blue eyes

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Two bangs that run near her eyes down to her neck, hair clipped in the back running halfway down her back.

Other noticeable features:

  • Missing half/most of her tail and left ear due to fights she's been in
  • Very, very long claws

Overall clothing style: Wear heavy suede and fur line clothing that wraps around her body due to living in a tundra climate, has black tank top and shorts underneath the heavy clothing



  • Being around close friends
  • Her children
  • Being care for or loved


  • Working with others
  • Cities
  • Being in large crowded areas

Fav drink: Vanilla Milkshake

Fav food: Vension


  • Quiet, very shy normally with new people and strangers
  • Hard to make friends with
  • Arrogant
  • Cares deeply for her children
  • Tad bit selfish
  • Gentle
  • Reserved about a lot of things
  • Tends to like to be left alone at times

Abilities and Skills


  • Great fighter in general
  • Very strong ice powers
  • Immortal, can only be killed by a god


  • Use primitive ways to fight
  • Doesn't understand technology
  • Use her powers as a last resort


  • Born in Siku
  • Both parents go missing just a day or two after she was born, was adopted by Noka and Azelia
  • Azelia soon afterwards give birth to Alysa
  • Began to explore more at the age of 16
  • Find the "Black Gem"
  • Wakes up to find herself covered in blood and her whole village dead, flees into the tundra
  • More of these incidents happen with her waking up with blood on her, start to notice bounty posters for her
  • Cyril reveals himself as the mastermind of everything, he controls Nails via soul control and is using her to raise her own bounty to feed his greed
  • Makes her life a living hell for the next several years, abuses her emotional and mentally
  • Around the age of 25 finally had enough of being a scapegoat for Cyril's greed
  • Shackles him to a tree one night and walk into a village, surrendering herself
  • Tried quickly and was convicted of all the village slainings in the tundra, was excuted via hanging
  • In the afterlife, meets Elpidios who gives her a second chance at life
  • During the reincarnation process, her soul splits off and creates Fangs, her recarnation vessel
  • Spends most of her second life as a guide to Fangs while seeking a way to bring herself back
  • Gets a physical body after Geof tipped Fangs off on a way, was captured by Seth
  • Weeee experimented on, manages to wound Seth during their time stuck in the base.  Eventually breaks free and head home into the tundra
  • Meets Holly and befriends her
  • Gets roped into Fangs and Berserker's quest and go on a journey to find Seth, meets a young Sekhmet
  • Gains immortality thanks to Eon and Nega, makes a deal with Eon to protect Sekhmet who's been travelling with the group
  • Found Seth's location, got attacked by Geof and failed to capture Seth and failed to protect Sekhmet, had to get rescued by Eon
  • Eon and Ace became pissed upon finding out the kitties failed to protect Sekhmet, barely escaped
  • Did the no pants dance with Geof, got knocked up
  • Tracks down Sekhmet after Rook takes her away.  Got help from Fyirri and manages to get Sekhmet back and bring her back home
  • Helps with rescuing Fangs from the Shar hive
  • Gives birth to Quill
  • Captured by Dorn and was brought back to Cyril, Quill loses her soul in the process
  • Under Cyril's control unwillingly, sold for services in the demon marketplace
  • Rescue by Fangs, Sekhmet, Discordia and Dimitri Firepaw
  • Spending her time trying to recover from her time under control while dealing with the fact her home is full of demons and people she iffy with
  • Talon is born, only survivor to that litter
  • Runs away from her problems, brings her kids to Faith and Gunther before leaving.  Returns to Siku and destroys what's left of it
  • Meets Tonra and her villagers as she's about to leave and gets the fuck out of there upon discovering certain things about Kiping and Tonra, hides out in the Southern Tundra
  • Nega contacts her and warn her about the kitties fates
  • Strikes a deal with him, she help free him from the Mirror World and he brings back the kitties for her
  • Heads back "home" and gets a nice chewing out from a very angry Sekhmet but manages to convince her to help her out
  • Heads for the lake and runs into a demon named Nemo (Mephio's avatar) who was looking for the lake, doesn't realize until getting there that Nemo is trying to stop her, manages to fight him off
  • Stays there and guards for a little bit but Sekhmet's words of reason get to her and she ditches halfway, pissing off Nega whom later does escape
  • Tries to resume life, attempting to repair her relationship with Sehkmet, gets ruined when Nega shows up and intends on making her suffer for ditching her duties to him
  • Sade/Argus and Pandora cause a bunch of shit on the island, Nega returns from his little adventure and informs Nails that they both started the "apocalypse" as a free for all was declared by Argus
  • Tries to plead with Nega not to take her along with him on his work.  He takes her anyways and she freaks out at him which gets her no pity from him
  • One escape she makes it back home to discover Ra and Bastet are there with Sekhmet.  Discovers her feelings she had for Sekhmet are pointless to chase as she hates Nails.  Says her goodbyes to everyone and ask Nega to make the mirrors leave to protect Sekhmet
  • Goes back to helping Nega, finally listening to him
  • Visits Geof during her adventures and finds he took Quill and Talon in.  Tries to take Talon away from Quill and she freaks out and nearly goes in suspended animation from using her powers.  Stays with them until she's better and head back to Nega
  • After long quest, gets him all the idols and is allowed to go home.  Decides she's going to leave the palace, returns to it to get her stuff
  • Is found by Sekhmet and her son Aten, Sek proceeds to get upset and attempts to use voice powers to make her stay.  One thing leads to another and Sekhmet nearly kills Nails by trying to rip out all of her lifeforce
  • Nega interferes and slams Sekhmet into a wall hard, breaking her bones.  Nails begs him to fix her which he thinks she's crazy because the women tried to kill her
  • After talking with Sekhmet, discovers DESPITE everything she's done to hurt her, she still loves Nails.  Nails decides to stay and try to fix things up with her
  • Helping out with taking care of everyone in the palace
  • Discovers she got knocked up by Nega and a bunch of other things
  • Discordia tries to help her with getting closer to Sekhmet and fails badly
  • Comforts Sekhmet when she tells her that Horus is dead
  • Spike is born
  • Finally spoke out about some of her feelings to Sekhmet and made a dent into repairing the mess she caused with her
  • Has been trying to care for Spike but juggling over the fact Talon has grown jealous

Character Relationships


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Noka ??? Adopted Father Deceased Male He was the one that took Nails into their home and raised her.  Always like how gentle he was for a man of his huge size.  Nails killed him, was beyond her control.
Azelia ??? Adopted Mother Deceased Female Was okay with her mother for the most part and helped her out when she could.  Nails killed her, was beyond her control.
Alysa ??? Adopted Sister Deceased Female Azelia and Noka's daughter, always went with Nails on her adventures on the tundra.  Had a very strong sisterly bond. Nails killed her, was beyond her control.
Quill Striker Daughter 2 Female Her first child, cares for her a lot but lets her do her own thing.  Kinda sees she takes a lot after her father, whether that's a good or bad thing is yet to be seen.  Notices she like to 'mother hen' the other children in the palace.
Talon Jokull Son 1 Male Second child who's half demon.  Always has been worried about him because of his seemlying insecurity issues.  Has made improvements with him but lately be dealing with jealousy issues with him.
Spike Jokull Son 0 Male Third child and apparent demi-god?  Thinks he acts a bit silly and a bit goofy at times and has noted he's a tad bit more aware of what is going around him.


Name Age Gender Notes
Sekhmet Armis ??? Female Has had feelings for Sekhmet for a long time but had damaged their relationship to a very low point.  Attempting to fix everything now as she still deeply cares for her and very protective of her.
Fangs Talonrunner 20 Female Was reincarnated from her.  Views Fangs and an annoying younger sister.  Has been concerned on the path she's taken but hasn't seen her in a while.
Holly Celestar ??? Female The first friend Nails probably has ever made outside of Fangs' group.  They seem to oddly get along and would help her out if needed. Goes to her for relationship advice which is probably a terrible idea.
Geof Striker ??? Male IOn much better terms with him now with Quill being born.  Does let him visit her and generally both of them get along.
Nega ??? Male The God of Malevolence, made a deal with him for becoming immortal and owes him for that.  Oh better terms with him as he sometimes pops in to see what is going on or to check in on Spike.
Discordia ??? ??? Female Demon lord that helped her with her daughter a while back ago.  Considers a friend but a very strange one at best.  Doesn't exactly approve of what she does but doesn't judge her too much on it.


Name Age Gender Notes
Cyril Sevilen ??? Male HATES HIM.  She wants more than anything to see him dead for good.  If you ask her, she said he doesn't deserve to live.
Dorn Sephtis 38 Male Kinda was force on her by Cyril and basically how Talon was concieved.  Has bitterness towards him but at the same time feels bad since it wasn't his choice either.  A tiny bit of her wants to find him to talk to him and possibly allow him into Talon's life.
Seth & COBRA ??? ??? Oddly Nails was rather curious of what Seth was up to and sorta respects what he does.  Otherwise she doesn't like him or any of the COBRA members.
Tonra Ingel 36 Female The chief of Kiping.  After visting her village and discovering stuff about their "religion" she wants to stay as FAR away from them as possible.  Probably one of the few people she actually fears.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Originally suppose to be a villain for Fangs
  • Made her after I thought the idea of reincarnation a cool concept
  • Probably more heavily based off myself than any of my own characters, personality wise
  • She actually doesn't use her powers that much
  • Uncanny came up with her real name
  • She does know her real name but prefers not to use it since she sees it as part of her former life
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